An on-line estimation procedure for cell-loss probabilities in ATM links

C. Courcoubetis, G. Fouskas, and R. Weber. 3rd IFIP Workshop on Performance Modelling and Evaluation of ATM Networks. UK, July 1995.

We present a methodology for the on-line estimation of the cell-loss probability ofanATM link. It is particularly suitable for estimating small probabilities of the order $10^{-6}$-$10^{-9}$ with variance orders of magnitude smaller than traditional estimators. The method is justified by the theory of large deviations and the information it requires is based on the actual traffic ows rather than the analysis of some speciffc traffic models. The method is effective when there is a large degree of statistical multiplexing; in other words, when the number of input traffic sources is large. The statistical properties we require for the traffic are very general and are met by most\par real-time traffic source models. Implementation issues of this methodology, which demonstrate its simplicity, are also discussed.

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