Rachel Camina

Dr Rachel Camina,
University Cambridge,
Wilberforce Road,

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Email: R.D.Camina@dpmms.cam.ac.uk


My main research area is pro-p groups. A pro-p group is, equivalently,
(i) an inverse limit of finite p-groups.
(ii) a compact, Hausdorff, topological group whose open subgroups have p-power index and form a base for the neighbourhoods of the identity.
Pro-p groups
(a) occur naturally as Galois groups and are therefore of interest to number theorists.
(b) provide a way of studying families of finite p-groups.
(c) are increasingly being studied in their own right.

My second line of research concerns finite groups and considers what consequences can be drawn about the group given only the sizes of its conjugacy classes. The questions and theorems have nice analogues where the conjugacy class sizes are replaced by the degrees of the irreducible characters of the group over the complex numbers.


Fitzwilliam College

I am Director of Studies of Mathematics at Fitzwilliam College. Fitzwilliam is a friendly, modern college only 5 minutes from the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. At Fitzwilliam we admit between 6 and 8 students a year to study for a BA in Mathematics or Mathematics and Physics. We also welcome applicants for Part III. Please feel free to contact me with any questions relating to studying Mathematics at Fitzwilliam. Other Maths Fellows at Fitzwilliam are Alexei Kovalev and Matt Wingate.

Bits & Bobs

I am a member of EWM (European Women in Mathematics) and jointly with Lisbeth Fajstrup edited the Proceedings of the 9th General Meeting of EWM. In the Proceedings there is an article on the career paths of mathematicians written by myself and David Wright.

The RAE 2001 was the third such exercise, however it was the first time gender of selcted staff was noted. Myself and Cathy Hobbs have written a short report: Women and the RAE. The report appeared in the December 2003 edition of the LMS newsletter.

I have written a couple of book reviews for the LMS newsletter: September 2005 and November 2010 .

Yes I am related to Prof. Camina (but he's not my husband!).

A link to Cambridge City Korfball Club. I play and also coach the Juniors.

A couple of friends have opened a campsite in Norfolk - warm welcome guaranteed!

My family.