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If you wish to contact me, my email address is,

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The Department of Pure Mathematics
Wilberforce Road

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Cambridge, England CB3 0WB

Phone messages may be left for me at the DPMMS reception at (44) (0) 1223.337999 and my direct line is (44) (0) 1223.337923 or 37923 from within the university network.


For those who wish to view most of the assorted material I have put up on this web site, I'm afraid that there will generally be no direct links from this home page to those pages, you will have to key in the correct URL directly.

Click here for access to notes for history of mathematics lectures ( machines only)

Click here for a pdf version of notes on “mathematics and historiography”

Click here for a pdf format version of the lecture I gave at the opening day of the Faulkes Institute of Geometry, 1 May 2002