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In 2018 I ran the Oxford Town and Gown 10K (in a gown) for Muscular Dystrophy UK. I am the one waving crazily in the video below. Bonus points for identifying the other 3 combinatorialists who ran with me (also in gowns). Many thanks to Michał Przykucki for taking the video.

I ran the Rio Half Marathon in August 2019 and I will run the Cambridge Half Marathon in March 2020.

2018 was also an exciting year because I went skiing for the first time. Unfortunately there isn't much snow in Rio :(

Send much needed skiing advice here.

I also learnt to ice skate backwards!

If the maths doesn't work out, then a promising career as an ice hockey star awaits.

I also enjoy playing music and cooking exciting things. (Check back soon for videos!)