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Date Title Event Institution
31/07/2019 Simplicial Volume Workshop “Bounded Cohomology” Heidelberg University
11/04/2019 The Spectrum of Simplicial Volume “Cohomological Methods”, Conference IMPAN Warsaw
12/03/2019 Simplicial Volume of One-Relator Groups Séminaire de Groupes et Géométrie University of Geneva
01/03/2019 RAAGs and stable commutator length Groups and Geometry in the South East Warwick University
19/12/2018 Constructions in Stable Commutator Length Oberseminar Groups and Geometry University of Bielefeld
16/11/2018 Stable Commutator Length Junior Geometry Seminar University of Cambridge
31/05/2018 RAAGs and Letter-Quasimorphisms Geometry and Topology Seminar Technion - Israel Instittue of Technology
31/05/2018 Introduction to Stable Commutator Length Geometry Graduate Colloquium ETH Zurich
30/05/2018 RAAGs and Stable Commutator Length Geometry Seminar ETH Zurich
20/12/2017 RAAGs and Stable Commutator Length Seminar Globale Analysis University of Regensburg
02/05/2017 (Bounded) Cohomology of Groups Junior Geometry and Topology Seminar University of Warwick