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I am a PhD student (started October 2014) in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Cambridge. My research supervisor is Dr Simon Wadsley.

I am a member of Girton College, where I've also taken my undergraduate degree and Part III. Girton is an absolutely lovely place, but sadly it is a bit far from the centre of Cambridge and many students never go there. That's a shame as it is a very beautiful college.

Here's a link to my Part III Essay on subgroups of linear algebraic groups, which I wrote under the supervision of Dr David Stewart. There may or may not be typos in it.

Research Interests

I am an algebraist working in representation theory over p-adic fields. More specifically, I study representations of certain completions of quantum groups when working over non-archimedean fields, using techniques and/or ideas from non-commutative algebra, group theory, homological algebra, non-archimedean analysis and rigid geometry.


Rigid analytic quantum groups and quantum Arens-Michael envelopes (submitted), available on ArXiv.

A Beilinson-Bernstein theorem for analytic quantum groups, available on ArXiv.


Since the start of my PhD, I have supervised Cambridge third year undergraduates for the courses "Representation Theory", "Galois Theory", "Number Theory" and "Coding and Cryptography". In addition, I have also supervised second year students on "Linear Algebra".

I wrote this in an attempt to explain Mackey theory to my students.

In October 2015 I gave a two-hour "Catch-up Workshop" on Representation Theory to new Part III students (basically it was a lecture covering background material). Here are notes for this, along with exercises.

In November 2014, I supervised a student for the Part III course "Commutative Algebra". In November 2016, I gave example classes to Part III students for the course "Lie Algebras and their Representations".

Postgraduate Group Theory Conference

I was one of the co-organisers for the Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2017. It is a conference aimed at PhD students in group/representation theory.

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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road
United Kingdom

Many thanks to Matthew Cheetham for improving my code for this webpage.