Since coming to Cambridge, I have been a supervisor to the following courses:

Example class philosophy

The main goal of an example class is to give you the opportunity to ask any questions about the course material and the example sheet questions. In view of this, example classes aim to be as interactive as possible.

Moreover, example sheets in Cambridge often contain a lot of material, with questions ranging from concrete examples, getting familiar with definitions, checking lemmas from the course, to more tricky problems requiring a deeper understanding of the involved objects. It is impossible to cover all questions on the sheet in 1 hour!

I usually aim for a mix of questions, warming up with the 'easier' examples, recalling definitions, and discussing heavier problems towards the end. If you have further questions not discussed during class, you can

Other Teaching Activities

In July 2018, Wasilij Barsukow and I offered a course about Knots -- theory meets praxis at the Deutsche Juniorakademie Neuerburg for 7th and 8th grade students, based on Adams' The Knot Book. The course webpage is here

Past Teaching Experience

Before starting my PhD, I was giving examples classes to the following courses: