Marius Leonhardt

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I am a 3rd year PhD student of Tony Scholl, working on Galois actions on abelian varieties with complex multiplication. To be more precise, my research project involves the so-called plectic Galois group, a certain finite index extension of the absolute Galois group of , and its action on CM abelian varieties.

Reading Groups

This term, I am participating in the reading group on the geometric Satake equivalence, meeting on Mondays, 3pm, in MR3.

Unfortunately, there is no junior reading group accompanying it this term, but we hope to return during the break/Easter term.

For more details on past reading groups, see here.


This term (Lent 2018) I am supervising the part IB course groups, rings and modules.

Past teaching includes examples classes in Lie algebras and supervisions in linear algebra, number fields, and number theory. Details can be found here.


Talk on perfectoid fields

Here you can find a list of talks I have given (apart from the talks held at the reading groups above):


Here is a list of conferences and workshops I attended.

I am also frequently participating in the ‘Kleine AG’. Topics include for example:

Stuff I have written

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