Manuel Krannich

I am a Research Associate in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge in the group of Oscar Randal-Williams. Previously, I was at the University of Copenhagen where I finished my PhD in October 2018.

Contact Information

Address:  Centre for Mathematical Sciences
University of Cambridge
Wilberforce Road
Cambridge CB3 0WB
United Kingdom
Office: E0.02
Phone: +44 (0)1223766846
E-mail: krannich(at)

Research interests

Algebraic and Geometric Topology, in particular: topology of moduli spaces, manifold bundles and their characteristic classes, automorphism and embedding spaces of manifolds, mapping class groups, surgery theory, cobordism categories, and configuration spaces. My side interests include the cohomology of arithmetic groups, K-theory, and (computational) stable and unstable homotopy theory.

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Teaching and service

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