Beyond Hyperbolicity
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
University of Cambridge
20-24 June 2016


The aim of this conference is to look closely at various generalizations of Gromov hyperbolicity that are currently of significant interest. We particularly want to compare the different definitions, and put them into conversation with one another. Examples include: acylindrical hyperbolicity, hierarchical hyperbolicity, coarse median structures (in the sense of Bowditch), (bi)automatic groups, semi-hyperbolic groups, and asymptotically CAT(0) groups. Various generalizations of the idea of Gromov boundary are also relevant (contracting, Morse, and HHS boundaries, etc). Certain classes of examples are also of special interest: mapping class groups, Out(F_n), RAAGs.

A list of participants, as of 6 June 2016.

For more information contact the organizers (Mark Hagen, Richard Webb, and Henry Wilton).