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Professor in Mathematical Logic

Fellow of King's College, Cambridge

Contact details

Address: DPMMS, CMS, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WB
Office: C1.11
Phone: (+44 -1223) (3)37986
Email: M.Hyland@dpmms.cam.ac.uk


Underground Mathematics

Underground Mathematics, formerly the Cambridge Mathematics Education Project, provides rich resources for teachers of A-level Mathematics and similar courses. The aim is to encourage mathematical understanding. The project is funded by the DfE. Lynne McClure and I are co-PIs of the project.

University Lecturing

I have taught in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge since 1976. My teaching page contains material for some of the undergraduate courses which I have taught. It badly needs updating. I hope in due course to make available some material from Masters (Part III) courses which I have taught.

The Mathematical Tripos

In 2009 The University of Cambridge officially celebrated its 800 year anniversary. I am not sure of the historical basis for that: fund-raising is in any case ongoing. I was asked to write an article for a celebratory book. Here is a version of that. I thought a lot about the Mathematical Tripos, Cambridge's oldest examination, when preparing the piece. Examinations are in any case problematic and the history of the Tripos through the 19th Century is certainly stranger than there was space to describe. I hope one day to say more about the role played by the Tripos in the national consciousness as well as in the mathematical life of the UK. For now I simply give a suggestive image.


Mathematical Logic

Main areas: The Lambda Calculus, Recursion Theory, Realizability, Proof Theory, Linear Logic, Type Theory.
I hope in due course to provide pages giving more details about these areas.

Category Theory

Main areas: Categories of sheaves, Topos Theory, Categorical algebra, Operads, Higher-dimensional Categories.
I hope in due course to provide pages giving more details abouut these areas.

Theoretical Computer Science

Domain Theory, Polymorphism, Game Semantics, Full abstraction and completeness, Computational Effects.
I hope in due course to provide pages giving more details abouut these areas.


My research page gives more information about my research, together with links to papers and other material.
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