Unpublished Material

Here is an annotated list of some things which have come to light.

M. Hyland. A Simple Proof of the Church-Rosser Theorem.
This typed manuscript was written in Oxford in 1973. It contains a direct proof of the Finiteness of Developments Theorem and a deduction from it of Church-Rosser.
This copy came to me from Roger Hindley. It seems he had it via Henk Barendregt as the writing on it is Barendregt's. Roger Hindley told me that the approach which I took is different from that taken by Schroer.

Untitled Letter to Dana Scott
This dates to 1973-74. It contains a proof that there is a Scott Domain (here an Algebraic Lattice) which is isomorphic both to its function space and to its product with itself. This shows inter alia that there is a cartesian closed category with exactly one (non-trivial) object aside from the terminal.
Later Scott found a more elegant indirect proof of the existence of Domains of that kind. But Paul Taylor revisited my construction in his PhD thesis.

Handwritten note Topological spaces, limit spaces and continuous lattices.
This was written 1974-75. I must have read Brian Day's famous Reflection Theorem paper when I wrote this but probably not other relevant material. It is related to material in my PhD thesis.

Handwritten note Cartesian closed co-reflective subcategories of TOP.
This was written 1974-75. I knew the case treated in J. L. Kelley's General Topology and simply generalised.

Detailed handwritten notes for a talk Meaning and the lambda calculus given at a Symposium held in Rome 1975.

Handwritten note Extensionality of Morris's and Wadsworth's relations.
I am not sure when this was written. Surely after 1976 else I should have been able to check the copy of Wadsworth's thesis which Gandy had; and before 2000 as I distinctly remember mentioning it to Christian Urban as proofs in a mess which one might try to formalise.