Reading group on metric embeddings

Notes for Chapter 3 of Ostrovskii - Stochastic Decompositions of Metric Spaces

Notes for Chapter 4 of Ostrovskii - Poincare Inequalities

Some results on expanders, including existence, Poincare inequalities and Spectral characterizations.

Notes for part of Chapter 2, including a short diversion to give a(n almost) self contained proof of Ribe's theorem.

Notes on graphs of large girth.

Notes for the proof of Dvoretsky's theorem, essentially a concentration of measure argument.

A proof of the Johnson Lindenstrauss Lemma, the claim that every k point subset of l_2^n can be embedded into l_2^O(log n).

A start of looking at Markov type.

A proof that super reflexive trees are those that do not contain delta trees. Given in Chapter 9 of Ostrovskii.

A discussion of Lipschitz free spaces.

Lipschitz splitting