I will try to keep this list fairly up to date. Check the links for more information, including whether I'm speaking! If I'm not, come find me anyway for a chat.
Upcoming stuff I will be going to:Analytic and Linear Pro-p Groups over Non-p-adic Pro-p Rings meeting (S England Profinite Groups), Cambridge
British Mathematical Colloquium 2013, Sheffield

Stuff I have been to: British Mathematical Colloquium 2012, Kent at Canterbury
Young Researchers in Mathematics 2012, Bristol
New Developments in Noncommutative Algebra, Skye
Iwasawa algebras meeting (S England Profinite Groups), Cambridge
Young Researchers in Mathematics 2011, Warwick
New Trends in Noncommutative Algebra, Seattle
Young Researchers in Mathematics 2010, Cambridge

Talks given

I have given the following talks:



The following invited talks are coming up: Simon, Rishi and I set up a rotational talk programme on noncommutative ring theory in the summer of 2010. There I gave talks on 'Ore subsets of enveloping algebras' (work of Borho & Rentschler), 'K-theory of completed group rings' (work of Schneider & Venjakob), and 'cliques of Iwasawa algebras' (my own work). I was also asked to give a talk on Lie algebras arising from compact p-adic Lie groups to the Cambridge Algebra Study Group in October 2012*.

I presented a poster at the New Developments in Noncommutative Algebra conference in June 2011, entitled "Cliques and localisability of soluble Iwasawa algebras". You can download it here.

*Despite not being part of the study group.

If you are interested in anything I've written or attached here, you can contact me on
J.J.Nelson AT dpmms DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk.