Dr Julia Goedecke: Teaching

This Michaelmas term I am supervising the courses Groups (Ia) and Linear Algebra (Ib) for Newnham College and Linear Algebra for Queens' College. Queens' and Newnham students, please go to your respective CamTools sites for supervision times.

Category Theory lecture course

In Michaelmas 2013 I am lecturing the Part III course on Category Theory, as I also did in Michaelmas 2011 and 2012.

Lecture Notes (updated 4 December, corrections to minor typos on pages 10, 26, 31, 52; more substantial update of last section of the course from page 56.)

This year's example sheets:
Example Sheet 1
Example Sheet 2
Example Sheet 3
Example Sheet 4 You may hand in Question 2,6 and 8.

Further examples:
Examples of categories and functors
Examples of adjunctions
Examples of coseparating sets and separating families
Notes on Adjunctions, Monads and Lawvere Theories by Filip Bár

Example sheets from previous years: on archive page.

Video Solutions

Video solutions to some example sheet questions.
You should only look at these once you've tried the question! Some data will be saved when you watch the videos, such as where you pause, what answer you clicked, etc. You can use the tick boxes on the list of videos to indicated if you have "completed" a question; I will also be able to see this information.

Category Theory examples classes

There are examples classes for the lecture course, as indicated below. The person taking the class will let you know about deadlines for handing in any work. We also ask everyone to fill in a form telling us which questions you've done/completed/struggled with/want to see in class. This is to help us prepare the class and to help us give feedback to your College.

Tue 29 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov
4pm -- 5pm(ish), MR4
Julia Goedecke
Deadline: preceding Saturday 1pm

Abi See
Catriona Meechan
Dana Ma
Jack Bartley
Jakob Schnitzer
Kevin Schlegel
Lawrence Jack Barrott
Lex Betts
Marius Leonhardt
Nina Friedrich
T.A. Malalanirainy

Thu 31 Oct, 14 Nov, 28 Nov
4pm -- 5pm(ish), MR5
(note 28 Nov in MR4)
Guilherme Lima

Alec Barns-Graham
Alex Jeffreys
Angela Xu
Benjamin Barrett
John Brown
Keith Frankston
Kevin Sackel
Matthew Fitch
Nicholas Triantafillon
Nigel Burke
Nima Amini
Tony Feng

Thu 31 Oct, 14 Nov, 28 Nov
4pm -- 5pm(ish), MR12
Filip Bár

Christopher Kusch
Didac Martinez-Granado
Gregory Wilsenach
Hector Durham
Kevin Carlson
Meng Zhu
Nina Kamcev
Philip Dittmann

Tue 5 Nov, 19 Nov, 3 Dec
4pm -- 5pm(ish), MR4
(note 5 Nov in MR3)
Sean Moss

Aled Walker
Andy Smith
Auke Booij
Christoph Dorn
David Borg
Nicolas Dupré
Reinier Kramer
Ryutaro Tanno
Stefan David
Tanay Mehta

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