Dr Julia Goedecke

Current Teaching

In the first semester of 2018/19 I am lecturing Elements of Number Theory in Leicester. Lecture notes, problem sheets and further resources will be on the course pages on blackboard.

Previous teaching

Cambridge Maths Tripos Groups Ia lecture course

In Michaelmas 2016 I lectured the Cambridge first year course on Groups (for the third time). All students should look on the course page on Moodle. Here is the lecture-accompanying blog Think for yourself, on which I particularly write about how to think about and learn maths at university.

Lecture notes (last update 16 January 2017)

Practice sheets (for personal practice, not for supervisions):
Practice Sheet A
Practice Sheet B
Practice Sheet C

Example sheets:
Example Sheet 1
Example Sheet 2
Example Sheet 3
Example Sheet 4

Last year's example sheets and lecture notes can be found on the archive page.

Cambridge Maths Part III Category Theory lecture course

In Michaelmas 2013 I lectured the Part III course on Category Theory, as I also did in Michaelmas 2011 and 2012. Material is still here for interested people.

Lecture Notes

2013 example sheets:
Example Sheet 1
Example Sheet 2
Example Sheet 3
Example Sheet 4

Further examples:
Examples of categories and functors
Examples of adjunctions
Examples of coseparating sets and separating families
Notes on Adjunctions, Monads and Lawvere Theories by Filip Bár

Example sheets from previous years: on archive page.

Video Solutions

Video solutions to some example sheet questions.
You should only look at these once you've tried the question! Some data will be saved when you watch the videos, such as where you pause, what answer you clicked, etc. You can use the tick boxes on the list of videos to indicated if you have "completed" a question; I will also be able to see this information.