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Part III Differentiable Manifolds Michaelmas Term 2016-17

Exercise Sheets

Exercise Sheet 1 (version 2 14 October; change to qn 8)

Exercise Sheet 2 (16 November)

Exercise Sheet 3 (version 1, 11 November)

Exercise Sheet 4 (version 1, 6 December)

Other Material

Topics covered

Notes on Exercise Sheet 1 (thanks to Sarah Rasmussen)

Notes on Exercise Sheet 2 (thanks to Sarah Rasmussen)

Notes on Exercise Sheet 3 (thanks to Sarah Rasmussen)

Partial solutions to selected questions on Exercise Sheet 1 (by the lecturer; there will be mistakes which I am pleased to hear about if you spot)

Handout on partitions of unity (Only the compact case, as covered in lectures, is examinable)

Handout on convention used for the definition of the exterior product (and fixes an issue with the original version of Example Sheet 2 Question 6)

Handout on existence of Levi-Cvita connection

Older Courses

Part III Complex Manifolds
Part III Differential Geometry

Misc Material

Proof of the Chain Rule (Analysis I/II)

Monkey Saddle