Julius Ross


I recently held an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow at the University of Cambridge and am now a Director of Studies and Fellow of Mathematics at Sidney Sussex College. In the summer of 2017 I will be moving to the University of Illinois at Chicago.

My research interests are within algebraic geometry and complex algebraic geometry, and links between the two. In particular I am interested notions of stability (in the sense of Geometric invariant theory) both for sheaves and for varieties. In particular I work on the relationship between stability and Kahler geometry, via the existence of special metrics (for example Kahler-Einstein metrics or Hermitian-Einstein metrics). I am also interested in the theory of singular hermitian metrics and some aspects of pluripotential theory as well as the inverse moment problem in the plane and solutions to the Hele-Shaw flow.

You can find more details in a description of papers that I have produced that gives context to my work, as well as some references to relevant things that have since appeared.

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I am a curator for mathmeetings.net which collects details of mathematical conferences, workshops etc. Please consider using this when you organise such a meeting.

The HeleShaw Toolbox (for MATLAB)

David Witt Nystrom and I have written a MATLAB package to simulate the hele-shaw flow in the plane (with varying permeability). You can find an example output heleshaw_60frames.avi. There is some documentation and the code and documentation is available: version 1.

Workshop on Kahler Geometry

I organised workshop on Kahler Geometry, April 10-13th 2012 at Cambridge University with Ivan Cheltsov. Videos for most of the talks can be found here.

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