Part III Differential Geometry 2011

I am lecturing the foundations of differential geometry, including manifolds, vector bundles, connections and curvature. Lectures MWF 9am MR9 (Note: This course was originally to be lectured by Prof. Wilson)


The course will not assume and familiarity with differential geometry, but will take a rather swift (and narrow) course through the fundamentals. Prerequsities include multivariable differentiation (as in Cambridge Analysis II) and familiarity with basic topological spaces (i.e. the notion of open set and open cover).


I would most recommend the following two texts: There are many other good sources including the following selection

Existence of partitions of unity (This will only be examinable under the additional assumption that the manifold is compact)
Boundary orientation This handout fixes a silly mistake I made with regard to the definition of the orientation on the boundary
Existence of the Levi-Civita connection

Exercise Sheets
Exercise Sheet 1 (19 October 2011, version 2 with one added exercise)
Exercise Sheet 2 (5 December 2011, version 2 with correction to question 3 and 8)
Exercise Sheet 3 (28 November 2011)

Here is a summary of the topics that were covered in the course in 2011.