Apology: So I really do have a terrible writers block. Almost nothing I've done since 1994 is written.
I've spent most of the last five years thinking about what a representation is. I think I now understand,
and Im hoping both to write some of it down, and to begin thinking about what a group is. We can hope...

All I offer here is a selection of older work. Im not too proud of it, and it doesnt really reflect much of what I've done.  

None of the  unwritten results are listed here... (Sorry!)

Headings overlap more than is apparant. 

Character sheaves on symmetric spaces

            Thesis, 1992: Character sheaves on symmetric spaces
            Cover note on 'group-like' symmetric spaces.  October 14, 1992.  page 1 2 ps
            Geometric Satake Isomorphism for real reductive groups, with E. Mann, available July 2003

Quantum groups

            A comparison of bases of quantized enveloping algebras, with G. Lusztig
            On bases of irreducible representations of quantum GL_n, with G. Lusztig
            The coproduct for quantum GL_n

Affine Hecke algebras

            Representations of affine Hecke algebras (and affine quantum GL_n) at roots of unity
            longer version 1, Not yet availiable online
            longer version 2, Not yet availiable online
            Affine sl_p controls the representation theory of the symmetric group
            Strong multiplicity one theorems for affine Hecke algebras of type A, with M. Vazirani
            Blocks of the cyclotomic Hecke algebra
            Jantzen filtrations
            Affine Hecke algebras associated to Kac-Moody groups,  with H. Garland

Quantum affine algebras

             Book: Representations of quantum affine algebras, manuscript 1994. Not yet availiable online.
             Affinising quantum algebras: From D-modules to K-theory
             see also Instantons and affine algebras, below.
             Minimal representations for quantum affine algebras and the Kirillov-Reshetikhin conjecture,  with Mike Kleber
             much  more to come here soon!

Hilbert Schemes      

             Instantons and affine algebras I: The Hilbert scheme and vertex operators
             Hilbert schemes, Hecke algebras and the Calogero-Sutherland system, with K. Costello
             Cohomology of the Hilbert scheme, revisited, in preparation.

Elliptic cohomology 

            Delocalised equivariant elliptic cohomology

Hodge theory on Infinite dim manifolds

            The Strong Macdonald conjecture, with S. Fishel, C.Teleman
            Expository paper: The Hodge theorem on infinite dimensional manifolds.
            much  more to come here!

Misc. papers

            Canonical bases for the Brauer centralizer algebra, with S. Fishel
            Geometric multiplicity formulas for real groups, with S. Evens
            Multiplicity one for discrete series representations of reductive symmetric spaces, with S. Evens
            Gross-Prasad conjecture for real groups, with S. Evens. In preparation.
            Weighted flag varieties,  published in Corti and Reid, Weighted Grassmanians  arXiv
            Proofs of the Immanent Conjectures, with M. Haiman. In preparation

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Updated 10 June 2003
Im hoping to post 4 new papers by the end of summer... lets hope!