George Mavrogiannis

I am currently a phd student of mathematics at DPMMS of the University of Cambridge and a student member of CCA (Cambridge Center for Analysis). My phd supervisor is Mihalis Dafermos. I completed my BSc and Master studies in Mathematics at the University of Crete in 2018 (with one year in the Physics department of the University of Crete).


Email: gm615 [at]

Otherwise you can find me at my Office in the Center of Mathematical Sciences, office: D0.12

Research Interests:

Analysis, General Relativity, Partial Differential equations

Papers, Preprints:

  • Quasilinear wave equations on Schwarzschild de Sitter, (click here for the ArXiv preprint)
  • Morawetz estimates without relative degeneration and exponential decay on Schwarzschild de Sitter spacetimes, (click here for the ArXiv preprint)

  • Teaching:

  • Example sheets supervisor for Analysis of Functions, Cambridge University, Lent 2021
  • Example sheets supervisor for Linear Analysis, Cambridge University, Michaelmas 2020
  • Example sheets supervisor for Calculus II, University of Crete, Spring Term 2017
  • Example sheets supervisor for Linear Anlgebra II, University of Crete, Winter term 2017