Differential Geometry Part III - Example Classes

Michaelmas 2012

The lecturer is Prof. Mihalis Dafermos, here you can find the notes he is writing.

You should try to solve the exercises before the example class, during the class we will go through the problems all together. Example sheets and possibly some notes will be posted on this website. Any news will be also posted on this web site.

There will be a review example class the 9th of May, from 14:30 to 16:30, MR5.

This is the revision example sheet.

Past example classes

24th of January

This is the third example sheet, and this is its Errata Corrige.
Solutions: First part - Second part

22nd of November

Example sheet 2
Solutions: First part - Second part
Frobenius' theorem

19th of October

Example sheet 1
Solutions 1


John M. Lee , Riemannian Manifolds - An Introduction to Curvature , GTM .

Additional material

Ambrose-Singer's theorem A short essay written few years ago with Matthias Storch.

If you have any question, you can contact us at G.Benedetti@dpmms or G.Codogni@dpmms