Dejan Gajic

Junior Research Fellow at King’s College, University of Cambridge

Functional Analysis (M3P7, M4P7, M5P7), Spring 2017, Imperial College London

Lectures: Mondays 12pm–2pm & Tuesdays 2pm–3pm in Huxley 139.

Office hours: Tuesdays 4pm–5pm in Huxley 614

I will mainly be following the lecture notes of Gustav Holzegel which are closely based on the book “Introductory functional analysis with applications’’ by E. Kreyszig.

See the worksheet on convergence  by Gustav Holzegel for additional problems and also the revision sheet from last year.

Coursework 1 (due 14 February): 

Week 1: Problem 3

Week 2: Problems 4 and 8

Week 3: Problems 2 and 4

Coursework 2 (due 14 March): 

Week 4: Problems 2 and 6

Week 5: Problem 2

Week 6: Problem 3

Week 7: Problem 2