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Hello and welcome! I am a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, working with Jessica Fintzen. In July I finished my PhD at the University of Michigan; my advisor was Tasho Kaletha. Before coming to Michigan, I went to college at Brown University.

My research focuses on real and p-adic reductive groups, their representation theory, and connections to the Langlands program. I have recently been studying the Plancherel measure and the Galois representations whose local factors are conjectured to express it. Outside of this research program, I am pretty open-minded mathematically and enjoy hearing what other people are working on.

For the non-specialists: this beautiful picture, drawn by Tetsushi Ito, gives a good sense of the research program in my field. (Thanks to Jialiang Zou for bringing it to my attention!)


Orthogonal root numbers of tempered parameters, July 2021

Formal degree of regular supercuspidals, January 2021


Recent progress on the formal degree conjecture, University of Cambridge Number Theory Seminar, October 2021

Recent progress on the formal degree conjecture, University of Arizona Number Theory Seminar, August 2021

Orthogonal root numbers and the refined formal degree conjecture, Oberwolfach workshop "Automorphic Forms, Geometry, and Arithmetic", August 2021

Langlands, Weil, and local class field theory, Rutgers Graduate Number Theory Seminar, August 2021

C*-algebras and Kirillov's coadjoint orbit method, Harish-Chandra Seminar, March 2021

Background on the Gan-Gross-Prasad conjectures, Automorphic Seminar, March 2021

Contact Information

Email: dbms2 (at) cam (dot) ac (dot) uk

My last name (Schwein) is pronounced "shween"; it rhymes with "clean", contrary to the German pronunciation.