Geometry Tea

Geometry Tea is the junior geometry seminar series in Cambridge covering all aspects of geometry. It's usually given by PhD students or postdocs. Talks usually take place on Fridays in MR13 at 3pm at the faculty of mathematics, and are followed by tea and biscuits in the Pavilion E common room. If you would like to give a talk or invite a speaker please contact me at col24 (at) Expenses can be provided by the department for external speakers, roughly on the level of travel from London.

Easter Term 2016

Friday 29th April:

Claudius Zibrowius (Cambridge). On the wrapped Fukaya category of the 4-punctured sphere

Friday 6th May:

Ben Barrett (Cambridge). JSJ decompositions of groups

Friday 13th May:

Zhi Jin (Cambridge). Gromov-Witten invariants and point constraints

Friday 20th May:

Tim Talbot (Cambridge). Gluing asymptotically cylindrical Calabi-Yau threefolds: or, how seven dimensions are easier than six

Friday 27th May:

Kim Moore (Cambridge). Calibrated Geometry

Friday 3rd June:

Giuseppe Papallo (Cambridge, DAMTP). Causality in Lovelock theories of gravity

Friday 10th June:

Bernadette Stolz (Oxford). Application of Persistent Homology to Biological Networks

Past Talks

Lent Term 2016

Friday 15th January:

Nina Friedrich (Cambridge). Homological Stability of Moduli Spaces of High Dimensional Manifolds

Friday 22nd January:

Jack Smith (Cambridge). The Auroux-Kontsevich-Seidel criterion

Friday 29th January:

Dmitry Tonkonog (Cambridge). Laurent phenomenon and symplectic cohomology

Friday 5th February:

Charlotte Kirchhoff-Lukat (Cambridge, DAMTP). Generalised Geometry and Dorfman Brackets

Friday 12th February:

Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell (Cambridge). An introduction to knot contact homology

Friday 19th February:

Christian Lund (Cambridge). Einstein structures on manifolds and orbifolds

Friday 26th February:

Anna Barbieri (University of Pavia). Frobenius manifolds and isomonodromic families of connections

Friday 4th March:

Mihajlo Cekic (Cambridge). Calderon problem for connections

Friday 11th March:

Alexander Betts (Oxford). Introduction to anabelian geometry

Michaelmas Term 2015

Friday 9th October (3pm, MR14):

Matthias Ohst (Cambridge). Deformations of asymptotically cylindrical Cayley submanifolds

Friday 16th October (3pm, MR13):

Thomas Prince (Imperial College). Hodge theory for curves

Friday 23rd October (3pm, MR13):

Giulio Codogni (University of Pavia and University Roma Tre). Periods in the classical and super setting

Friday 30th October (3pm, MR13):

Nicolau Sarquis (Imperial College). Geodesic networks in the Sphere

Friday 6th November (3pm, MR13):

Pierre Haas (Cambridge, DAMTP). "O Volvox, how dost thou turn thyself inside out?"

Friday 13th November (3pm, MR13):

Alejandro Betancourt (Oxford). An introduction to Ricci solitons

Friday 20th November (3pm, MR13):

Marco Marengon (Imperial). Cobordism maps in link Floer homology and reduced Khovanov homology

Friday 27th November (3pm, MR13):

Dominic Wallis (Bath University). In quest for a non-formal G_2 manifold

Friday 4th December (3pm, MR13):

Ruadhai Dervan (Cambridge). Symplectic reduction and stability of points

Easter Term 2015

1st May - Ben Barrett (Cambridge). Boundaries of hyperbolic groups.

8th May - Jack Smith (Cambridge). Axial discs on homogeneous Lagrangians.

15th May - Tom Brown (Cambridge). An introduction to Floer simple manifolds, taut foliations and a possible connection between them.

22rd May - Anton Isopoussu (Cambridge). Cones and fibrations in the theory of K-stability.

29th May - Diletta Martinelli (Imperial). Around the Cone Conjecture.

5th June - Nina Friedrich (Cambridge). Introduction to homological stability.

12th June - Zhi Jin (Cambridge). Logarithmic geometry.

Lent Term 2015

16st January - Joe Waldron (Cambridge). The LMMP for threefolds in positive characteristic.

23rd January - Carmelo di Natale (Cambridge). Grassmannians and period mappings in derived algebraic geometry.

30th January - Lawrence Barrott (Cambridge). Gromov-Witten invariants in algebraic geometry.

6th February - Paul Wedrich (Cambridge). Deformations of link homologies.

13th February - Ruadhai Dervan (Cambridge). Stability of twisted constant scalar curvature Kähler metrics.

20th February - Christian Lund (Cambridge). The moduli space of Ricci flat Kähler metrics.

27th February - Alexandru Cioba (UCL). Topological methods in contact dynamics.

6th March - Jonathan Grant (Durham). The Alexander polynomial as a Reshetikhin-Turaev invariant.

13th March - Mihajlo Cekic (Cambridge). Limiting Carleman weights and related inverse problems.

Michaelmas Term 2014

10th October - Ruadhai Dervan (Cambridge). An introduction to K-stability.

17th October - Senja Barthel (Imperial). An introduction to spatial graph theory.

24th October - Peter Overholser (KU Leuven). Tropical invariants through mirror symmetry.

31st October - Yoshinori Hashimoto (UCL). Gromov-Hausdorff limits of smooth projective varieties.

7th November - Joint with Junior Algebra seminar. Mandy Cheung (Cambridge). Mirror symmetry and cluster algebra.
Ruadhai Dervan (Cambridge). Canonical filtrations of coordinate rings of varieties with non-reductive automorphism group

14th November - Renato Vianna (Cambridge). Distinguishing Clifford and Chekanov Lagrangian tori in $\C^2$ and $\CP^2$ via count of J-holomorphic discs.

21st November - Marco Marengon (Imperial). An introduction to sutured Floer homology.

28th November - Anton Isopoussu (Cambridge). Analytic and algebraic aspects of moduli problems.

5th December - Lars Sektnan (Imperial). The non-existence of a Kähler-Einstein metric on CP^2 # (- CP^2) via toric geometry.

13th December - Claudius Zibrowius (Cambridge). Alexander polynomials for tangles.

Easter Term 2014

27th June - Claudius Zibrowius (Cambridge). Introduction to Bordered Floer Homology.

13th June - Tom Lovering (Harvard University). A Hitchhiker's guide to Shimura Varieties.

30th May - Diletta Martinelli (Imperial College). What is a flip?

23rd May - Joe Keir (DAMTP, Cambridge). Geometric Analysis in General Relativity.

16th May - Michael Kasa (UCSD). Log Geometry and Stable Maps.

9th May - Julien Meyer (Universite Libre de Bruxelles). CscK-Metrics and projective embeddings.

2nd May - Thomas Prince (Imperial College). From Lagrangian tori to Helices via string theory on Gorenstein toric singularities

Lent Term 2014

14th March - Jakob Blaavand (University of Oxford). What a Higgs bundle is - and why you should care.

7th March - Christian Lund (Cambridge). Growth properties of manifolds with curvature.

21st February - Anton Isopoussu (Cambridge). Constant scalar curvature metrics on projective bundles.

14th February - Dmitry Tonkonog (Cambridge). Affine varieties versus cotangent bundles from a symplectic viewpoint.

7th February - Ruadhai Dervan (Cambridge). Peaked sections and algebraic approximations of Kaehler metrics.

31st January - Paul Wedrich (Cambridge). Computing categorified colored sl(N) quantum invariants of rational tangles.

24th January - David Witt-Nystrom (Cambridge). Okounkov bodies and the moment map problem.

17th January - Julian Holstein (Cambridge). Morita Cohomology.

Michaelmas Term 2013

13th December - Giulio Codogni (Cambridge). Surface singularities, representation theory and QFT.

6th December - John Rizkallah (Cambridge). Affine Group Schemes (special joint junior geometry-algebra seminar).

29th November - Joe Waldron (Cambridge). The cone theorem and base point freeness.

22nd November - Carmelo di Natale (Cambridge). DGLAs in Deformation Theory.

15th November - Yoshi Hashimoto (University College London). Approximating constant scalar curvature Kaehler metrics and Chow stability.

8th November - Robert Pirisi (Scuola Normale Superiore). Arithmethic Stiefel-Whitney classes in algebraic geometry.

1st November - Gabriele Benedetti (Cambridge). The dynamics of magnetic fields on S^2.

25th October - Andrea Fennelli (Imperial College). The fibres of Mori fibre spaces.

18th October - John Ottem. Hassett's work on cubic fourfolds.

11th October - Anton Isopoussu. Stability of flag varieties.

4th October - Ruadhai Dervan. Multiplier ideal sheaves and Kähler-Einstein metrics.

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