Christian Lund

I am a PhD student (since October 2013) at St John's College Cambridge, where I am researching in geometry at the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics. My supervisor is Dr. Alexei Kovalev and my research interests are differential geometry, complex geometry and geometric analysis. I am the organizer of the Junior Geometry Seminar at the department. The seminars are normally referred to as Geometry Tea and run Fridays 3pm during term time. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding the seminars.

Upcoming conferences: Kähler Geometry, Einstein Metrics, and Generalizations , MSRI, Berkeley, March 2016.
Past conferences: End of Year London Geometry Conference , Kings College, December 2015.
Postgraduate Conference in Complex Geometry , Cambridge, September 2015.
PIMS Symposium on the Geometry and Topology of Manifolds, University of British Columbia, July 2015.
LMS-CMI Research School: An Invitation to Geometry and Topology via G2, Imperial College, July 2014.

Upcoming talks: Einstein structures on manifolds and orbifolds, Bath University, March 2016.
Past talks : Einstein structures on manifolds and orbifolds. Junior geometry seminar, Cambridge, February 2016.
What is an orbifold?, St John's College, Cambridge, November 2015.
Einstein metrics and complex structures, Postgraduate conference in Complex geometry, September 2015.
The moduli space of Ricci flat Kähler metrics, Junior geometry seminar, Cambridge, February 2015.
Understanding what it means to change the way me measure distances, St John's College, February 2015.
Growth properties of manifolds with curvature, Junior geometry seminar, Cambridge, March 2014.

Teaching: I am currently supervising Differential Geometry (part II) .

Contact: My E-mail address is col24 (at) My office is E0.10. DPMMS Centre for Mathematical Sciences Wilberforce Road Cambridge CB3 0WB.

Last modified: 6th March 2016.