Emeritus Professor of Statistics


Professor A. P. Dawid

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Curriculum Vitae


Honorary/Visiting Positions

Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Darwin College Cambridge
Department of Statistical Science, University College London


Research interests and selected publications

Prequential Analysis

Evidence Dialogues


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Full Publication List 

Research Reports (University College London)
Probabilistic Networks and Expert Systems
    by R. G. Cowell, A. P. Dawid, S. L. Lauritzen and D. J. Spiegelhalter
    (2001 DeGroot Prize Winner)

Simplicity, Complexity and Modelling

    edited by Mike Christie, Andrew Cliffe, Philip Dawid and Stephen Senn

Evidence, Inference and Enquiry
    edited by Philip Dawid, William Twining, and Mimi Vasilaki
Causality: Statistical Perspectives and Applications
    edited by Carlo Berzuini, Philip Dawid and Luisa Bernardinelli
    edited by Lauren Arrington, Zo� Leinhardt and Philip Dawid


Prequential Analysis (NIPS 2008 Tutorial)
    Part A        Part B
Causal Inference from Experimental Data (30th R A Fisher Memorial Lecture)
An Introduction to Bayesian Networks
Bruno de Finetti's Objectivity (de Finetti Lecture, ISBA 2018)
Causal Inference Isn't What You Think It Is
What is a Causal Graph?

Interview with Philip Dawid (Online Causal Inference Seminar 2023)

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Statistics Links

International Society for Bayesian Analysis
Valencia International Meetings on Bayesian Statistics
Royal Statistical Society
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
American Statistical Association
International Statistical Institute
Journal of Causal Inference

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Probability and Proof
Expert report for Sally Clark Appeal


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