On the variety generated by all nilpotent Lattice-ordered Groups (with V. V. Bludov)

 Sublattice subgroups of finitely presented lattice-ordered groups

 Orderings and groups: a survey of recent results

Finitely generated lattice-ordered groups with soluble word problem  

Free products and HNN  

 Finitely presented abelian lattice-ordered groups  (with F. Point)  

 Unilateral o-groups (with N. Ya. Medvedev)

 Poly-weakly-abelian ordered groups

 Automorphism groups of models of 1st order theories (with V. V. Bludov, M. Giraudet and G. Sabbagh)

 Conjugacy in ordered groups (with V. V. Bludov)

 Free products of ordered groups with amalgamated subgroups (with V. V. Bludov)

 Word Problems, Embeddings, and Free Products of Right Ordered Groups with Amalgamated Subgroup (with V. V. Bludov)

 Right orders and amalgamation for lattice-ordered groups (with V. V. Bludov)

 A finitely presented orderable group with insoluble word problem (with V. V. Bludov)