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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

In this talk we will come at the question in the title from two different angles: first, from the vantage point of model theory, a branch of logic in which for over half a century the notion of “stability" has played a central role in describing tame behaviour; secondly, from the perspective of combinatorics, where so-called regularity decompositions have enjoyed a similar level of prominence in a range of finitary settings, with remarkable applications in additive number theory and theoretical computer science.

In recent years, these two fundamental motifs have been shown to interact in interesting ways. I will describe some of these developments, and explain how higher-order generalisations of regularity are pointing the way towards a long-sought generalisation of stability, opening up a new dimension of the model-theoretic classification picture.

This talk aims to be accessible to a broad mathematical audience.

A wine reception in the central core will follow the lecture.

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Apr 25th 2024
16:00 to 17:00




Julia Wolf (Cambridge)


DPMMS Departmental Colloquia