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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Most attempts to understand the behavior of active matter models from a mathematical standpoint have been focused on some form of mean field interactions between particles, meaning that the interaction of each individual particle with the system is averaged out over a large number of its neighbors. In this talk, I will share a few attempts to model active matter by lattice gases of particles interacting at a microscopic level. I will talk about the mathematical challenges involved in studying such microscopic models. I will also present results in (finished and ongoing) work with T. Bodineau, M. Kourbane-Houssène and J. Tailleur, in which we show the emergence of two classical phenomena for active matter, namely Motility induced phase separation (MIPS), and alignment phase transitions, based on two types of classical models, namely exclusion processes and zero-range processes.

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May 17th 2022
13:00 to 14:30




Clément Erignoux, INRIA Lille Nord