Number Theory Seminars
Easter Term 2002

April 24, 16.30 Dr C. Breuil (Orsay) MR3
"Locally algebraic representations of GL2(ℚp) and Galois representations"

April 30, 16.15 Ben Green (Cambridge) MR3
"The Kakeya problem - an interface of analytic number theory, combinatorics and analysis"

May 7, 16.15 Dr Mikhail Bondarko (St. Petersburg) MR4
"Formal groups over local fields and Galois cohomology"

May 14, 16.15 Noriko Yui (Queen's) MR5
"The modularity of Calabi-Yau varieties"

May 21, 14.30 Dick Gross (Harvard) MR4
"L-functions and the comparison of Haar measures"

John Coates