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Number Theory Seminars Michaelmas 06

  • Archive of Number Theory Seminars
  • The Number Theory Seminar usually meets on Tuesdays. Unless noted below, all talks will take place at 2.30pm in Room MR13 in the Faulkes Institute of Geometry, Pavilion E, CMS.

    For further information contact John Coates, Tony Scholl or Tim Dokchitser.

    Tuesday 10 October

    Teruyoshi Yoshida (Cambridge)
    "Weight spectral sequence and Hecke correspondences"

    Tuesday 17 October

    Matthias Strauch (Cambridge)
    "Potentially semi-stable Galois representations and associated representations of GL_2"

    Tuesday 24 October

    Daniel Delbourgo (Nottingham)
    "Behaviour of Selmer groups along weight deformations"

    Tuesday 31 October

    Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial College, London)
    "A finiteness theorem for the Brauer group of K3 surfaces" (Abstract)

    Tuesday 7 November

    2:30 John Cremona (Nottingham)
    "Lattice reduction over function fields, with applications to finding rational points on curves" (Abstract)

    4:15 Sarah Zerbes (Imperial)
    "Higher-dimensional logarithmic derivatives" (Abstract)

    Tuesday 14 November

    Tobias Berger (Cambridge) (Abstract)
    Eisenstein cohomology and congruences

    Tuesday 21 November

    Sascha Orlik (Leipzig)
    "Equivariant vector bundles on Drinfeld's upper half space"

    Tuesday 28 November

    Fred Diamond (Kings College, London)
    "The weight part of Serre's conjecture for Hilbert modular forms" (Abstract)