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Number Theory Seminars for Lent Term 2003

  • Archive of Number Theory Seminars

  • The Number Theory Seminar usually meets at 4.15pm on Tuesdays. Unless noted below, all talks will take place in Room MR13 in the Faulkes Institute of Geometry, Pavilion E, CMS.

    Study Group

    The study group on "Kato's work on Euler systems" meets each Wednesday, usually at 2.15pm in Room MR12 (bottom of Pavilion D). The meeting on 22 January will be at 15.00 and will be in MR3. The meeting in 19 February will be in MR15 (in Pavilion G).

    For further information contact John Coates or Tony Scholl.

    Tuesday January 21

    Michael Harris (Paris 7) at 16.15 in MR3
    p-adic L-functions for unitary groups and Galois representations I

    Wednesday January 22

    Michael Harris (Paris 7) at 13.30 in MR3
    p-adic L-functions for unitary groups and Galois representations II

    Tuesday January 28

    John Coates (Cambridge) at 14:30
    Non-commutative algebra and number theory

    Tuesday February 18

    Pierrette Cassou-Noguès (Bordeaux) at 14.30
    About Igusa zeta functions
    Phillippe Cassou-Noguès (Bordeaux) at 16.15
    Invariants of quadratic bundles

    Thursday February 20

    Tadashi Ochiai (Tokyo) at 14.30
    Iwasawa theory on nearly ordinary deformation

    Tuesday February 25

    Victor Abrashkin (Durham) at 16:15
    Galois modules arising from group schemes with strict O-action

    Wednesday February 26

    Jean-Marc Fontaine (Paris-Sud) at 17:00 in MR2
    p-adic Galois representations (Kuwait Foundation Lecture)

    Thursday February 27

    Jean-Marc Fontaine (Paris-Sud) at 14:30
    TBA (a further lecture may take place on 27th or 28th February)

    Tuesday March 4

    Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College, London) at 16:15
    Eigenvalues of the Hecke operator T(2)

    Tuesday March 11

    Tim Dokchitser (Durham) at 16:15
    L-functions of higher genus curves