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Geometry Seminars for Michaelmas Term 2006

  • Past geometry seminars

  • The geometry seminar meets at 3pm on Wednesdays, in Meeting Room 13, Pavilion E (the "Geometry Institute").
    Organizers: A Kovalev, I Smith , B Totaro.

    Wednesday 11 October

    Yuji Sano (Cambridge)
    On stability of complete intersections

    Monday 16 October

    D. V. Anosov (Moscow)
    On hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of the 2-dimensional torus

    Wednesday 25 October

    Caucher Birkar (Cambridge)
    On existence of minimal models and flips

    Wednesday 1 November

    Kai Cieliebak (Munich)
    Symplectic field theory and string topology

    Wednesday 8 November

    Yves André (ENS)
    Parallel transport of algebraic cycles: applications to abelian varieties

    Wednesday 15 November

    Ronald Stern (Irvine)
    Curing irregularity

    Wednesday 22 November

    Etienne Ghys (Lyon)
    The group of area-preserving diffeomorphisms of a closed surface