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Geometry Seminars for Lent Term 2005

  • Past geometry seminars

  • The geometry seminar meets at 3pm on Wednesdays in Meeting Room 13, Pavilion E (the "Geometry Institute"). On some days there are two talks; the second talk is at 4.30pm.
    Organizers: A Corti, A Kovalev, B Totaro.

    Wednesday 26 January

    Andrew Kresch (Warwick)
    Formulas for degeneracy loci of quivers

    Wednesday 2 February

    Max Karoubi (Paris)
    Quasi-commutative cochains and homotopy types

    Wednesday 9 February

    Kevin Costello (Imperial)
    Gromov-Witten-type invariants from Calabi-Yau A-infinity categories

    Wednesday 16 February

    Gregory Berhuy (Nottingham)
    Canonical dimension of algebraic groups

    Wednesday 23 February

    Vladimir Matveev (Freiburg)
    Proof of the projective Lichnerowicz-Obata conjecture

    Wednesday 2 March

    Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh)
    The signature modulo 4 and 8

    Wednesday 9 March

    Ryushi Goto (Osaka)
    Deformations and global smoothing of Calabi-Yau, hyperkahler, G_2, and Spin(7) structures

    Wednesday 16 March

    3pm: Angelo Vistoli (Bologna)
    The Chow ring of the stack of nodal curves of genus 0, after Damiano Fulghesu
    4.30pm: Maria Basterra (New Hampshire)
    Rings and modules in stable homotopy theory

    Wednesday 23 March

    Ian Hambleton (McMaster)
    Multiplicativity mod 4 of signatures in fibre bundles