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Geometry Seminars for Lent Term 2004

  • Past geometry seminars

  • The geometry seminar meets at 3pm on Wednesdays in Meeting Room MR13, Pavilion E (the "Geometry Institute").
    Organizers: A Corti, A Kovalev, B Totaro.

    Wednesday 14 January

    Marco Zambon (Berkeley)
    Averaging of isotropic submanifolds in a symplectic manifold

    Wednesday 21 January

    Philip Boalch (Paris)
    From Klein to Painlevé via Fourier, Laplace and Jimbo

    Wednesday 28 January

    Martin Bridson (Imperial)
    Low-dimensional manifolds and balanced presentations of the trivial group

    Wednesday 4 February

    Elizabeth Gasparim (Las Cruces)
    The Atiyah-Jones conjecture for rational surfaces

    Wednesday 11 February

    Constantin Teleman (Cambridge)
    The index formula for the moduli space of G-bundles over a Riemann surface

    Wednesday 18 February

    Simon Donaldson (Imperial)
    Differential geometry on toric varieties

    Wednesday 25 February

    Gerhard Knieper (Bochum)
    The distribution of closed geodesics on manifolds of nonpositive curvature

    Wednesday 3 March

    Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
    Geometry with a B-field

    Wednesday 10 March

    Tom Bridgeland (Edinburgh)
    D-branes and t-structures on the canonical bundle of P^2