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Geometry Seminars for Easter Term 2007

  • Past geometry seminars

  • The geometry seminar meets at 3pm on Wednesdays in Meeting Room 13.
    Organizers: A Kovalev, I Smith, B Totaro.

    Wednesday 2 May

    Jacopo Stoppa (Imperial)
    Unstable blowups

    Monday 7 May, 4pm, Meeting Room 13

    Alexander Vishik (Nottingham)
    Symmetric operations in algebraic cobordism and their applications

    Wednesday 9 May

    Catharina Stroppel (Glasgow)
    The Jones polynomial, Khovanov homology and perverse sheaves on Grassmannians

    Wednesday 9 May, 4.30pm, Meeting Room 13

    Demetrios Christodoulou (Zürich)
    Analytic aspects of the shock formation problem

    Wednesday 16 May

    Stefan Ivanov (Sofia and MPI)
    Extremals for the Sobolev inequality and the quaternionic contact Yamabe problem

    Wednesday 23 May

    Ed Segal (Imperial)
    Superpotential algebras from 3-fold singularities

    Friday 25 May, 12 noon, Meeting Room 13

    Dusa McDuff (Stony Brook)
    Uniruled symplectic manifolds

    Wednesday 30 May

    Baptiste Calmès (Cambridge)
    Witt groups of Grassmannians