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Combinatorics Seminars for Michaelmas Term 2002

  • Archive of Combinatorics Seminars

  • The Combinatorics Seminar normally meets at 2pm on Thursdays in Room MR4.
    For further information contact Imre Leader or Andrew Thomason.

    Thursday September 26

    Professor Tomasz Luczak (Poznan)
    Sum-free sets: a combinatorial approach.

    Wednesday October 23 at 2pm in MR5

    Professor László Lovász (Microsoft Research)
    Title to be announced.

    Thursday October 24

    Professor Miklós Simonovits (Rényi Institute)
    Title to be announced.

    Thursday October 31

    Mr Robert Johnson (Cambridge)
    Long cycles in the middle two layers of the cube.

    Thursday November 14

    Mr Adrian Sanders (Cambridge)
    Covering by intersecting families.

    Thursday November 21

    Professor Béla Bollobás (Memphis and Cambridge)
    Voronoi percolation in high dimensions

    Thursday November 28

    Dr Ben Green (Cambridge)
    The Cameron-Erdös Conjecture.

    Wednesday December 4 in MR3

    Dr Oliver Riordan (Cambridge)
    Steiner trees in random graphs.

    Thursday December 12

    Dr Malgorzata Bednarska (Poznan)
    Games and random graphs