Analysis Seminar

The standard place and time for this term's seminars is Seminar Room 1 on Wednesdays at 2.00 pm [NOTE slight change of time, due to circumstances beyond my control].

So far the following seminars have been arranged.

14 Oct		Prof B. Johnson (Newcastle)		
				Bounded crossed homomorphisms associated
				with group actions on locally compact spaces

21 Oct Dr M. Joshi (DPMMS) Inverse scattering on asymptotically Euclidean and Hyperbolic manifolds

28 Oct Prof J. R. Partington (Leeds) Wiener's Generalized Harmonic Analysis and shift-invariant operators

4 Nov Prof A. Singh (Delhi) Stationarity properties of stochastic processes and hypergroups

11 Nov Prof Y. Kurylev (Loughborough) The multidimensional Gel'fand inverse problem

18 Nov Prof G. Willis (Newcastle, NSW) Totally disconnected groups

25 Nov Dr T. W. Körner A Short Talk on a Non-Existent Subject (Analysis on Q)

2 Dec Prof B. Aupetit (Laval) Spectrum-preserving linear mappings on Von Neumann algebras

Suggestions for speakers are always extremely welcome.