Analysis Seminar

The standard place and time for this term's seminars is Seminar Room 1 on Wednesdays at 2.15 pm.

So far the following seminars have been arranged.

15 Oct	Dr D. H. Fremlin (Essex)
				The isomorphism problem for measure-preserving
				transformations, with interruptions.

22 Oct Dr M. Joshi (DPMMS) Recovering the singularities of a potential from backscattering.

29 Oct Dr P. Dixon (Sheffield) Problems surrounding topologically irreducible representations of Banach algebras AND at 4pm, Dr T. Ransford (Laval) Jensen measures and harmonic measure

5 Nov Prof M. Mathieu (Maynooth) Lie mappings of C*-algebras

12 Nov Dr M. Rees (Liverpool) Singular Harmonic Functions on Riemann Surfaces

19 Nov Youngfest Two talks by Prof N. and Dr Z. Young (Newcastle)

2.15 Prof N. Young (Newcastle) A commutant lifting theorem for a domain in Cē and interpolation

4.00 Dr Z. Young (Newcastle) Computing Hochschild and cyclic (co)homology of Banach algebras

26 Nov Dr L. Parnovski (Sussex) Scattering Metrics and Scattering Matrices

NOTE ALSO the departmental colloquium (Prof. Neil Trudinger Hessian Measures on Thursday 30th October at 4.30pm in Lecture Room 9, Mill Lane.)

Suggestions for speakers are always extremely welcome.