Kuwait Mathematics Program at the University of Cambridge

This Programme is supported by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences . There are four main program activities:

Kuwait Professor of Number Theory and Algebra

This chair honours the contribution of renowned Arab mathematicians. The current holder is Tony Scholl.

Kuwait Fund for Research in Mathematics

This is a fund to support research in Number Theory and Algebra at the University of Cambridge.

Kuwait Junior Research Fellowship in Mathematics

The fellowship is awarded to suitable candidates from Kuwaiti or other Arab institutions to enable them to conduct research in some area of mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Two fellowships are available in any year, each for a period of six months. Applications from qualified candidates should be made directly to KFAS.

Kuwait Fund Lectures in Mathematics

This is a series of lectures by leading world mathematicians largely but not exclusively in the areas of Number Theory and Algebra. There are about nine lectures annually, generally in Cambridge, and the year's program is advertised in advance. KFAS has a scheme to enable individuals working in a Kuwaiti scientific institution to attend lectures in their area of research interest.