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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


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Random labelled trees and their branching networks
GR Grimmett
– Australian Mathematical Society. Journal. Series A
On polynomial-time computation of high-dimensional posterior measures by Langevin-type algorithms
R Nickl, S Wang
An effective $p$-adic analogue of a theorem of Thue. III. The diophantine equation $y^2=x^3+k$
J Coates
– Polska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Matematyczny. Acta Arithmetica
Broken ray tensor tomography with one reflecting obstacle
J Ilmavirta, GP Paternain
The GraphNet Zoo: An All-in-One Graph Based Deep Semi-Supervised Framework for Medical Image Classification
MD Vriendt, P Sellars, AI Aviles-Rivero
Adaptive nonparametric estimation for compound Poisson processes robust to the discrete-observation scheme
AJ Coca
Carleman estimates for geodesic X-ray transforms
GP Paternain, M Salo
Optimal symplectic connections on holomorphic submersions
R Dervan, LM Sektnan
– Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
Modelling High-Dimensional Categorical Data Using Nonconvex Fusion Penalties
BG Stokell, RD Shah, RJ Tibshirani
Lagrangians of Hypergraphs II: When Colex is Best
N Morrison, S Letzter, V Gruslys
– Israel Journal of Mathematics
On the tail of the branching random walk local time
O Angel, T Hutchcroft, AA Járai
On symplectic stabilisations and mapping classes
AM Keating
High-dimensional nonparametric density estimation via symmetry and shape constraints
M Xu, R Samworth
– Annals of Statistics
One-relator groups with torsion are coherent
L Louder, H Wilton
BETS: The dangers of selection bias in early analyses of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic
Q Zhao, N Ju, S Bacallado, RD Shah
An inverse theorem for Freiman multi-homomorphisms
WT Gowers, L Milićević
Babai's conjecture for high-rank classical groups with random generators
S Eberhard, U Jezernik
Geometry and moduli of polarised varieties
C Birkar
Tuning-free Plug-and-Play Proximal Algorithm for Inverse Imaging Problems
K Wei, A Aviles-Rivero, J Liang, Y Fu, C-B Schnlieb, H Huang
Central limit theorems for discretized occupation time functionals
R Altmeyer