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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


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Robust inference via knockoffs
RF Barber, EJ Candès, RJ Samworth
– Annals of Statistics
Large, lengthy graphs look locally like lines
I Benjamini, T Hutchcroft
On statistical Calderón problems
K Abraham, R Nickl
Consistent Inversion of Noisy Non-Abelian X-Ray Transforms
F Monard, R Nickl, GP Paternain
Inhomogeneous partition regularity
I Leader, P Russell
– arXiv
Types for tame p-adic groups
J Fintzen
– arXiv
The fractal dimension of Liouville quantum gravity: universality, monotonicity, and bounds
E Gwynne, J Ding
– Communications in Mathematical Physics
Erdős and Arithmetic Progressions
WT Gowers
A reversible allelic partition process and Pitman sampling formula
M Giordano, PD Blasi, M Ruggiero
Harmonic functions on mated-CRT maps
E Gwynne, J Miller, S Sheffield
– Electronic Journal of Probability
On the Moy-Prasad filtration
J Fintzen
– arXiv
Three-dimensional tricritical spins and polymers
R Bauerschmidt, M Lohmann, G Slade
The positive scalar curvature cobordism category
J Ebert, O Randal-Williams
Hausdorff Dimension of Planar Self-Affine Sets and Measures with Overlaps
M Hochman, A Rapaport, A Rapoport
When Labelled Data Hurts: Deep Semi-Supervised Classification with the Graph 1-Laplacian
AI Aviles-Rivero, N Papadakis, R Li, SM Alsaleh, RT Tan, C-B Schonlieb
Entropy of Bernoulli convolutions and uniform exponential growth for linear groups
E Breuillard, PP Varjú
– Journal d'Analyse Mathematique
Homology of Hurwitz spaces and the Cohen--Lenstra heuristic for function fields (after Ellenberg, Venkatesh, and Westerland)
O Randal-Williams
Liouville quantum gravity and the Brownian map I: The QLE(8/3,0) metric
J Miller, S Sheffield
– Inventiones Mathematicae