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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


Why are beliefs in different conspiracy theories positively correlated across individuals? Testing monological network versus unidimensional factor model explanations.
MN Williams, MD Marques, SR Hill, JR Kerr, M Ling
– The British journal of social psychology
The effects of President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis on hoax beliefs and risk perceptions of the virus in the U.S.
L-M Tanase, J Kerr, A Freeman, C Schneider
The Effects of Consensus Messages and the Importance of a Pre-Test: A Comment on Chinn and Hart (2021)
SVD Linden, M Goldberg, R Maertens, J Kerr, E Maibach, A Leiserowitz
The effects of communicating uncertainty around statistics on public trust: an international study
J Kerr, AM van der Bles, C Schneider, S Dryhurst, V Chopurian, ALJ Freeman, S van der Linden
Political polarization on COVID-19 pandemic response in the United States.
J Kerr, C Panagopoulos, S van der Linden
– Personality and individual differences
Do Climate Change Consensus Messages Cause Reactance? A Comment on Chinn and Hart (2021)
SVD Linden, J Cook, R Maertens, M Goldberg, J Kerr, S Lewandowsky, E Maibach, A Leiserowitz
Communicating expert consensus increases personal support for COVID-19 mitigation policies.
JR Kerr, S van der Linden
– Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Correlates of intended COVID-19 vaccine acceptance across time and countries: results from a series of cross-sectional surveys
JR Kerr, CR Schneider, G Recchia, S Dryhurst, U Sahlin, C Dufouil, P Arwidson, AL Freeman, S van der Linden
– BMJ open
The Misinformation Susceptibility Test (MIST): A psychometrically validated measure of news veracity discernment
R Maertens, FM Götz, C Schneider, J Roozenbeek, J Kerr, S Stieger, WP McClanahan, K Drabot, SVD Linden
Right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation predict rejection of science and scientists
JR Kerr, MS Wilson
– Group Processes & Intergroup Relations
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