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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


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My research lies at the intersection of computational mathematics and machine learning for applications to large-scale real world problems.

Keywords: Computational Mathematics \bigstar Inverse problems \bigstar  Computer Vision \bigstarMedical Image Analysis  \bigstarRobotics \bigstarMachine Learning.



Peekaboo-where are the objects? Structure adjusting superpixels
G Maierhofer, D Heydecker, AI Aviles-Rivero, SM Alsaleli, CB Schonlieb
– Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP
Compressed Sensing Plus Motion (CS+M): A New Perspective for Improving Undersampled MR Image Reconstruction.
AI Aviles-Rivero, N Debroux, G Williams, MJ Graves, C-B Schonlieb
– CoRR
Towards Retrieving Force Feedback in Robotic-Assisted Surgery: A Supervised Neuro-Recurrent-Vision Approach
AI Aviles, SM Alsaleh, JK Hahn, A Casals
– IEEE transactions on haptics
Robust cardiac motion estimation using ultrafast ultrasound data: a low-rank topology-preserving approach
AI Aviles, T Widlak, A Casals, MM Nillesen, H Ammari
– Phys Med Biol
Rethinking Medical Image Reconstruction via Shape Prior, Going Deeper and Faster: Deep Joint Indirect Registration and Reconstruction
J Liu, AI Aviles-Rivero, H Ji, C-B Schönlieb
Dim the Lights! -- Low-Rank Prior Temporal Data for Specular-Free Video Recovery
SM Alsaleh, AI Aviles-Rivero, N Debroux, JK Hahn
Variational Multi-Task MRI Reconstruction: Joint Reconstruction, Registration and Super-Resolution
V Corona, AI Aviles-Rivero, N Debroux, CL Guyader, C-B Schönlieb
Tuning-free Plug-and-Play Proximal Algorithm for Inverse Imaging Problems
K Wei, A Aviles-Rivero, J Liang, Y Fu, C-B Schnlieb, H Huang
The GraphNet Zoo: An All-in-One Graph Based Deep Semi-Supervised Framework for Medical Image Classification
MD Vriendt, P Sellars, AI Aviles-Rivero
Learning Optical Flow for Fast MRI Reconstruction
T Schmoderer, AI Aviles-Rivero, V Corona, N Debroux, C-B Schönlieb
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