Email & phone list of all members of DPMMS

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
L. Radicevic E0.01 (3)37969
O. Randal-Williams E2.06 (7)64291
Z Randelovic C0.13 (7)65920
D Ranganathan E1.01 (3)37990
A Rapaport C2.08 (3)37974
P Raphael D2.07 (3)37962
J. Rasmussen E2.02 (7)64287
S. Rasmussen E1.04 (7)64270
E-P.J. R├Ąty C0.13 (3)37969
G Recchia E0.06 (7)64247
R. Richard C2.06 (3)37980
L.C.G. Rogers
B. Roman D1.17 (3)37929
B. Romano E0.15 (7)64272
J. Roseblade
G. Rosso C1.12 (3)37993
N Rubin-Blaier E0.09 (7)64258
P.A. Russell C0.11 (7)65818

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