Number Theory Seminar

Tuesday 6 February 2007, MR13, 2:30pm

The weights in a Serre-type Conjecture for tame n-dimensional mod p Galois representations
Florian Herzig (IHES)


     I will discuss a Serre-type conjecture on the weights for n-dimensional mod p Galois representations rho of the absolute Galois group of Q that are tamely ramified at p. A weight in this context is an irreducible mod p representation of GL_n(F_p). The conjecture predicts the weights of rho in terms of the reduction mod p of a characteristic 0 representation of GL_n(F_p) associated to the restriction of rho to the inertia subgroup at p. It refines, and is more conceptual than, a previous conjecture of Ash, Doud, Pollack, and Sinnott.

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