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Number Theory Seminars Easter 04

  • Archive of Number Theory Seminars

  • The Number Theory Seminar usually meets on Tuesdays. Unless noted below, all talks will take place at 2.30pm in Room MR13 in the Faulkes Institute of Geometry, Pavilion E, CMS.

    Study Group on Heegner Points

    On Wednesdays (1.30-3.00) - details here.

    For further information contact John Coates or Tony Scholl.

    Tuesday 20 April in MR4

    Christopher Hooley (Cardiff)
    "On ternary quadratic forms that represent 0"

    Tuesday 27 April

    No seminar (Kuwait Lecture by Malgrange at 5pm)

    Tuesday 4 May

    Alan Baker (Cambridge)
    "Experiments on the ABC Conjecture"

    Wednesday 5 May at 2pm in MR3

    Ben Green (Cambridge/Vancouver)
    "Arithmetic progressions in the primes"

    Tuesday 11 May

    Kazuya Kato (Kyoto)
    "K_1 of some non-commutative Iwasawa algebras"

    (Note also the Rouse Ball lecture by Mazur at 12 in Mill Lane)

    Wednesday 12 May at 2pm in MR5

    Barry Mazur (Harvard)
    "Selmer modules of elliptic curves and skew-hermitian matrices."

    Thursday 13 May

    Gaetan Chenevier (ENS, Paris)
    "Non-tempered automorphic representations of U(3) and some cases of Bloch-Kato conjecture"

    Tuesday 18 May im MR4

    Nigel Boston (Wisconsin)
    "Galois groups of p-class towers"