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Geometry Seminars for Michaelmas Term 2005

  • Past geometry seminars

  • The geometry seminar meets at 3pm on Wednesdays in Meeting Room 13, Pavilion E (the "Geometry Institute").
    Organizers: A Kovalev, I Smith , B Totaro.

    Wednesday 12 October

    Ciprian Manolescu (Columbia)
    Floer spectra of three-manifolds

    Wednesday 19 October

    Tim Perutz (Cambridge)
    Broken pencils and four-manifold invariants

    Tuesday 25 October, 5pm, MR 2 (Kuwait lecture)

    Simon Donaldson (Imperial)
    Existence theorems and numerical solutions in complex differential geometry

    Wednesday 2 November

    Ivan Cheltsov (Edinburgh)
    Fano threefolds and elliptic curves

    Wednesday 9 November

    Tamas Hausel (Oxford and Austin)
    Cohomology of hyperkahler manifolds via arithmetic harmonic analysis

    Wednesday 16 November

    Rahul Pandharipande (Princeton)
    Integrals and differential equations related to the moduli of curves

    Wednesday 23 November

    Detlev Hoffmann (Nottingham)
    Anisotropy of quadratic forms in finite and infinite dimensions and a problem by H. Gross

    Wednesday 30 November

    John Greenlees (Sheffield)
    Duality in topology and modular representation theory