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Geometry Seminars for Lent Term 2008

The geometry seminar meets at 3pm on Wednesdays in Meeting Room 13. On some days there are two talks; the second talk is at 5pm.
Organizers: A Kovalev, I Smith, B Totaro.

Wednesday 23 January

Alexey Bondal (Aberdeen)
Derived categories of complex-analytic manifolds and super-connections

Wednesday 30 January

Gabriel Paternain (Cambridge)
Symplectic topology of Mañe's critical value

Wednesday 6 February

3pm  Johan de Jong (Columbia)
Shioda cycles in families of surfaces
5pm  Claire Voisin (IHES)
Rationally connected threefolds and symplectic geometry

Wednesday 13 February

Joel Fine (Brussels)
Symplectic Calabi-Yau manifolds and minimal surfaces

Wednesday 20 February

3pm   Peter Topping (Warwick)
Optimal transportation in geometry
5pm   Neshan Wickramasekera (Cambridge)
Size of the branch sets of minimal immersions

Tuesday 26 February, 3pm, Meeting Room 14

Jeff Streets (Princeton)
Ricci Yang-Mills flow

Wednesday 27 February, 3pm

Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford)
Slicing cobordism theory via n-categories (of d-manifolds)

Wednesday 5 March

3pm   Ciprian Manolescu (Columbia)
Symplectic instanton homology
5pm   Mark McLean (Cambridge)
Exotic Stein manifolds

Wednesday 12 March

Mohammed Abouzaid (MIT)
Tropical geometry and mirror symmetry for hypersurfaces in toric varieties