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Organisation and Expenses

Mathematics of John Thompson
Conference on Finite Groups and related topics
8th - 11th September 2013

(Lectures to start Monday 9th September in Room MR2, Centre for Mathematical Sciences)


Supported by DPMMS, LMS, NSA and the NSF
Organisers: Bob Guralnick and Jan Saxl


John Thompson turned 80 in October 2012. To celebrate the occasion, we are organising a conference in the CMS at Cambridge, in September 2013.

The programme will consist of a series of lectures of one hour each. Talks will be given by

Michael Aschbacher, Groups of component type
Inna Capdeboscq, Some subgroups of topological Kac-Moody groups
George Glauberman, A partial analogue of Borel's Fixed Point Theorem for finite p-groups
Radha Kessar, Finiteness results for Hochschild cohomology of p-blocks of finite groups
Gunter Malle, Galois realization of E8(p), p≥ 7, over the rationals
Geoff Robinson,Virtual projectives of norm 2
Jean-Pierre Serre, Unitary groups and Galois extensions in characteristic 2
Peter Sin, Integral invariants of skew lines in projective space over a finite field
Stephen Smith, Failure of Thompson Factorization and its descendants
Ron Solomon, The house that John built
Pham Tiep, Adequate subgroups
Richard Weiss, Involutions acting on Bruhat-Tits buildings

A detailed programme will be confirmed shortly. The conference dinner will be on Tuesday 10th September at Sidney Sussex College.

There will be some support available for young mathematicians attending.

For further information contact J.Saxl [at] or guralnic[at]


Last updated: 13 August 2013